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New Product Release: Powr-Touch® 5 Control System

August 8, 2013

See the Product Demo Video Here.

Powr-touch® 5 is the next evolution of the powr-touch control systems.  This system features a custom interactive graphical interface designed for your facility.  It has the unique ability to raise or lower each piece of equipment all at the slide of a button.  Selecting each icon toggles it from a Up, Down, and Hold mode or use easy to program Quick Courts that allow you to set your favorite configurations for even quicker set-up.  Powr-touch® 5 does all of this from any wireless enabled device that is armed with proper permissions allowing users to have better visibility of the equipment they are controlling.

Still want more?  Auxiliary buttons can be specified to control lights, scoreboards, and other electrical devices.  For large facilities, custom defined zones allow users to select a zone and then control all of the equipment in that zone.  Standard zone sizes are around 12 devices but can be customized to meet facility and safety needs.  A four character alpha-numeric re-programmable password allows administrators to control who has access to the system.  This system can work with facilities of any size.

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